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Boost Your Child’s Confidence with an Eye Test


Did you know that eighty percent of your child’s learning is obtained through vision? 


A recent Association of Optometrists report suggested that one in five children has an undetected eye problem.


There are a lot of things for parents and carers to consider at this time of year. 


You’ve got a list the length of your arm to check off: school uniform, new shoes, new school bag, a pencil case with all of the kit, sports gear and on it goes. Then there’s the added burden of Covid-19 and how it will influence how we live, work and learn.


How’s your blood pressure? Take a deep breath and read on.


There’s no denying that the next few weeks will be busy but have you had time to consider the health of your child’s vision?


Yes, we’re adding another item to the list but believe us when we tell you that it’s an important one!


Our young ones have been incredibly brave over the last six months. They’ve had to adjust to home schooling (as have you!), they’ve missed their chums and all of the learning and socialisation that comes with school life, and throughout the upheaval they’ve no doubt been glued to a screen or two.


You’ve heard us rattle on about the importance of junior eye health and this time of year sees us ramp up our awareness campaign in an attempt to educate parents and carers on un-diagnosed vision problems.



Sadly, our schools no longer have the resources to facilitate regular eye tests so the onus is on you to recognise and act upon potential problems. But don’t worry, this won’t necessarily add to your financial burdens: free NHS eye tests and optical vouchers are available for school age children.


Your Eyes Optician is committed to early intervention. We want to identify potential issues before they become real problems. If there is a history of childhood eye problems in your family we want you to come in and see us for a chat. As the saying goes, knowledge is power, so to be forewarned is to be forearmed. You get the gist!


But if you don’t have that knowledge, how would you know if your child has a problem? Well, we always recommend regular testing even if your kids appear not to have any issues, but here are some warning signs you should be aware of.


Very young children

  • Their eyes tear up regularly
  • They have crusty eyelids
  • They bump into things
  • They avoid colouring, drawing and other similar activities that require concentration
  • They rub their eyes a lot


School Age

  • They hold books very close their face
  • They frequently complain of headaches
  • They rub their eyes a lot
  • They have difficulty keeping their place when reading
  • Their handwriting is poor
  • They avoid close work


Common vision problems in children:

  • Short-sightedness, also known as myopia, is when the eyeball is longer than it should be. This is becoming more and more common in children and many experts believe that it stems from increased screen usage. Time outside might help to slow down its progress or halt it altogether.


  • Long-sightedness, or hyperopia, is a common condition that causes near vision to become blurry. You’ll know if your child is long-sighted if they struggle to read things up close, have tired eyes and suffer from poor concentration.


  • Astigmatism occurs when the retina is shaped like a rugby ball and not like a football. It’s a fairly common condition in children that generally corrects itself over time but often goes unnoticed because of its slow progression. If your child complains of blurry vision, has difficulty reading up close, squints and/or suffers from headaches then please speak to us.


For your child to thrive in school they need, among other things, to feel confident with learning. An un-diagnosed vision problem is likely to interfere with this and to make matters more complicated, many kids don’t even know they have a problem! Which is where your beady eye and superior parenting skills step in. You know your child better than they know themselves so keep a close watch on the warning signs and if you’re unsure we’re only a phone call away. 


We cannot stress enough how essential it is to get your child’s eyes checked regularly, at least yearly. The process is free, painless (unlike the dentist!) and we’re a very welcoming bunch.


Give us a call and make an appointment; we’d love to see you!



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