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Four Reasons Why You Need a Backup Pair


Let’s talk about practicalities.

Accidents happen all the time. How often have you smashed a glass or driven over a nail and gotten a flat tyre? Often, it can’t be helped (who leaves those pesky nails lying about?) but regardless of whose fault it is you’ll have spare crockery and a spare tyre to hand. Because it makes sense, right?

So, where do you keep your spare glasses?

Yes, an extra pair of specs is a necessity! And the good news is that they can be bought at a very reasonable price. They don’t need to be the all singing and all dancing equivalent of your ‘main pair’.



Here are four reasons to have a backup pair:

1. In case of accidents – this is number one for good reason. Your glasses, whilst powerful, are small and thus notoriously capable of disappearing at the most inopportune moments. They’re also fragile and at risk of being crushed, dropped and meeting their end when you need them the most. Losing your one and only pair on holiday would most definitely spoil the mood.


2. Hobbies, Reading and Work – do you have trouble focussing when engaged in ‘close-up’ work? If you work in front of a screen, have got an intricate hobby or love to read (or both!) and you’re, ahem, getting on in years, then you might notice that your vision isn’t quite up to par. This is called presbyopia, and it’s nothing to worry about. But, you might want to think about getting a pair of non-prescriptive reading glasses. These are readily available in Your Eyes Optician, are very keenly priced and perfectly placed to be your spare pair. And unlike high street sellers, we can also advise on the correct power to purchase.


3. Backing up your contact lenses – if you thought glasses were fragile and easy to lose, spare a thought for contact lens wearers! If you have a mishap with your lenses then that spare pair will come in very handy. Whether you’ve succumbed to an eye infection, lost your lenses or left them behind, a backup pair of glasses will be your best friend. A serviceable and stylish spare pair of prescription glasses needn’t cost much, so consider keeping a pair handy


4. When the sun shines (fingers crossed) – your everyday glasses are perfect for pretty much everything, however when the sun deigns to show its face those prescription specs aren’t going to protect your peepers from UV rays. Good quality prescription sunglasses will help prevent issues like macular degeneration so it’s worth investing in a cool pair of shades.



Think of your spare pair as an insurance policy. With them you’re saving money, time and trouble!

Your Eyes Optician has an on-going offer on a complete range of fabulous single lens spectacles for £99. Get in touch with us for more information! Telephone us on 016973 22285 or email

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