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No Better Time To Look After Your Eyes Than Now


Before we get stuck into how you can treat your peepers during lockdown can we remind you that although our shop may be closed to the public for now we are still available in cases of ocular emergency, so please don’t hesitate to contact us by email or phone.


Now then, let’s talk about lockdown eyes and how to look after them.


Screen Time

Picture the scene: you’re social distancing at home (good job!) and despite good intentions to bake delicious cakes and plant healthy fruit and veg in your backyard you find your eyes drifting from the TV to your phone to your laptop (oops, we forgot that you have work to do) and back again. Firstly, don’t worry because we’re ALL doing this. Secondly, we’d much rather you were binge watching The Vicar of Dibley than getting stressed about the current situation. We do what we have to to feel comforted, so no judgement there.



BUT do try giving your baby blues a break from time to time. Digital eye strain can cause blurred vision, dry eyes and headaches, which is no fun for anyone. 

  • When the kids are done with their school work pull them up and have a home disco. Yes, you heard us right, put on some tunes and throw some shapes. Disco lights are optional. 
  • If you have a garden, get out into it. You don’t have to pull weeds or plant veg, just take a seat and soak up those rays. Natural daylight is much better for eyes than the blue light that beams from your devices.
  • All of us like to use our phones at night, right? Admit it! But did you know that you can set your device to ‘night settings’? This will reduce the blue light rays and increase your chances of a good night’s sleep. Just set them to come on at a time that suits you and a chilled out evening is yours.


D.I.Y & Crafts

Laurence Llewelyn Bowen has nothing on you! Being stuck at home has brought out the designer in you and you’re throwing up shelves and painting feature walls effortlessly. 

Stop. Look after your eyes.

Did you think of your eyes before you pulled out that drill? Ever had a splinter in your eyeball? It hurts. The same applies to paint, dust and the million over pesky particles that can hamper your home makeover.



Here’s what to do:

  • Always wear safety goggles that comply with European Standard BSEN 166 when undertaking DIY, and keep them on at all times. Your regular specs won’t provide sufficient protection.  
  • Have some eye wash handy in case something dusty sneaks in.
  • Did you know that you can order prescription safety goggles? They might prove useful to the DIY enthusiast.


Have you discovered the joy of crafting in lockdown? Are you churning out stunning watercolour paintings of butterflies? Have you cross stitched the family herald? If so, avoid eye strain by:

  • Keeping your craft space well-lit. Daylight is best, obviously, but if your craft keeps you up late then invest in a halogen lamp that emits white light.
  • Taking regular breaks and seeking out natural light. A trip to the garden or even sticking your head out of the window will suffice.
  • Using a magnifier. This will minimise eye strain and allow you to create masterpieces until the wee hours.


Diet (boring but important!)


We have two words for you: oily fish. Yes, the humble mackerel is packed full of Omega 3 which is vital for healthy eyes. If fish isn’t your bag then grab some leafy greens and pile your plate high with spinach and kale.


It’s easy to opt for sweet stuff during times of stress and we absolutely urge you to do that if a jam donut is going to make you feel a bit better. But not for breakfast. OK?



Did you know that vitamins A, C and E are key components of healthy vision? If you have a family history of macular degeneration, then supplements may be a good idea otherwise fill up on wholegrains, tomatoes, nuts, apples, carrots and celery. 


If you can eat well for the majority of the week your eyes will thank you. Then when you buy a six-pack of glazed donuts for a weekend treat, you won’t feel (too) guilty.




We hope this was helpful, folks.


Stay safe and stay well.


If you have an ocular emergency or a query about your glasses please contact us on 01693  21160 or email


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