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Simple Steps for Family Fun in the Sun


Here at Your Eyes Optician we’re passionate about family eye health. Yes, we talk about it a LOT and we’re going to keep doing so! Read on for some super simple and helpful tips on how you can keep you and your family’s peepers safe this summer.


The weather may have taken a turn for the worse but that doesn’t mean that the sun won’t shine again! And we needed a spot (or two) of rain to restore our parched trees, flowers and crops, right?


The sunshine will return but even if it doesn’t, that won’t stop us from getting out and about and enjoying all that beautiful Cumbria has to offer. We’re a hardy bunch, after all.


We’ve talked previously about the importance of maintaining good eye health when we’re indoors working, studying and enjoying hobbies. Outdoor life presents a different set of considerations, however, and whether you’re heading to the beach or going biking it’s essential that you protect you and your family’s vision by following these simple steps.



Put those shades on! 


Did you know that up to half of your child’s exposure to harmful UV rays will happen before their eighteenth birthday? The joys and benefits of an outdoors childhood should never be underestimated but eye care must be at the forefront of our minds when our children head outside.


Our peepers are subjected to higher levels of UV radiation in summer so protection is vital, especially for the younger members of your family whose eyes are still developing.


Kitting out your family with a good pair of sunglasses needn’t cost the earth as long as they provide 100% protection against UVB and UVA rays. Plus, the more your child likes their sunnies the more likely they are to wear them, so go wild!


Be cautious


Outdoor fun and games is what summer is all about so we’re not about to tell you to avoid good times. BUT we do want you to be more careful than usual. Sand in your eyes is not how you want to spend your bank holiday but if irritation occurs, rinse well with clean water and seek help.


Sunglasses are a great defence against UV radiation but baseball caps, sun visors and of course, sunscreen, should also be a part of your summer survival kit. We know you already know this, but we thought it worth mentioning.


Finally, If you’ve been tasked with that most tiresome of summer jobs, cutting the grass, then think about popping on a pair of goggles to protect your eyes, especially if you wear contacts.


Care for your contacts


If you’re going for a dip remember to swap your contacts for goggles! Whether you’re wild swimming or enjoying laps in a pool your contacts could be at risk of picking up some nasty bacteria. At best this could lead to irritation and at worst, infection: yuck!













Get tested


September approaches and with that comes the new school year. With the kids off school summer is the ideal time to book your family in for an eye test. We’ve covered children’s vision before and that’s because it is incredibly important. Young children aren’t always aware of vision issues and so may display confusing behaviours (rubbing their eyes, sitting close to the TV etc) hence why regular eye tests are essential. Your Eyes Optician has an experienced team of professionals happy to offer advice for your family’s eye health.


We hope this brief breakdown helps you and your family stay safe and have fun over the summer holidays.


Your Eyes Optician is always here to help. If you have any questions or would like to book eye tests for your family then get in touch!


Telephone: 016973 22285



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