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Where’s Your Spare Pair?

(Don’t panic!)


Picture the scene: 


  • You’ve spent a lovely family day out and you’re about to drive home. You check your pockets and catastrophe strikes! Where are your glasses? Are they (a) on the beach, (b) in that cafe (c) in a bin? You need your glasses to drive, so what do you do? 


  • You’re in your solicitor’s office, about to sign a very important document, but alas, you’ve sat on your specs. What do you do? Do you sign regardless? Cry? Run away?


  • Your daughter is walking up the aisle, you’re ecstatic. You can’t wait to see her. But where are your glasses? Have you left them in the wedding car? They’re not in your handbag. What do you do? 

Folks, these are life-changing moments! All ruined because you didn’t have a spare pair. Broken glasses and lost glasses are needless tragedies that can be avoided, so put on your ‘proactive’ hat and get yourself to your friendly optician. Avoid the stress of losing your ‘eyes’ and instead, act smug about always having a spare pair at hand. We’ve enough to worry about in these trying times, don’t we?


Did you know that if you drive abroad you may be required by law to carry a spare pair? And HGV drivers in the UK are legally required to keep a spare pair in the glove box? So, another two solid reasons to invest in a spare pair.


Hold on, we’ve got a third reason. If you’re a contact lens wearer, it’s sensible to have a spare pair of specs to give your eyes a rest and lessen the risk of infection.


So no, this is not a cynical ploy to get you to part with your cash. A spare pair can be a literal life-saver.

Your spare pair doesn’t have to be outrageously expensive or stylish, indeed you can keep an old pair as your spare pair. These are emergency glasses, so no-one, least of all you should care about what they look like.


Why not make your spare pair a snazzy set of prescription sunnies? UV damage has been linked to cataracts and macular degeneration, so you’ll be doing your peepers a favour (and making them look good too, of course).


And while we’re at it, a spare pair can be a fashion saviour. Don’t believe me? Would you wear your fabulous multi-coloured glasses to a wedding with a strict dress code? Maybe you would (and why shouldn’t you!?) but a smart, monochrome spare pair complements any outfit.


Those over the age of 40 may experience trouble reading small print, a very normal vision change, so having a pair of reading glasses on standby can be helpful. The wonderful thing about ‘readers’ is that they’re generally cheap, available over the counter, and come in all sorts of stylish designs so you may find yourself building a collection. This is also absolutely normal.


Don’t worry, your ‘just-in-case’ specs don’t need to reflect the latest fashion or cost a packet, they just need to be at arm’s reach for those trying times that come to test all of us.


The staff team at Your Eyes Optician is at hand to advise and reassure, so come in for a chat about your spare pair and sleep soundly at night, secure that you’re covered for any and all emergency specs situations.


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